Why and where are your Instagram followers disappearing?

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What to do if you lose Instagram followers

Maybe you have already noticed, maybe we will tell you something new: Your Instagram followers are disappearing! Influencers and big stars who have several thousand followers are particularly affected by the problem. The extreme loss of followers does not necessarily have to do with the fact that Instagram followers are deleted that are not real or inactive. It is actually a technical problem of the well-known social media network. There is good news for you though ...

Is the problem already known on Instagram?

The current rapid loss of followers is always a big topic of discussion on Instagram. The sudden fan decline, as it is currently supposed to take place again, already occurred in February 2019. Rapper Marteria lost around 13,000 followers at the time, while actor Wayne Carpendale had around 3,000 users. The two celebrities tried to win back their fans with funny pictures or fun fan campaigns. Because the number of followers is still an important characteristic for influencers. The more followers, the higher the advertising revenue.

Why are the followers lost at all?

There are several ways that you can lose followers on your profile. A main reason that is well known and that keeps causing a sharp drop in the numbers is the deletion of purchased profiles and inactive users. Instagram regularly clears this up and frees the network of bought followers in order to adhere to its own guidelines. If the Instagram followers are deleted, this logically leads to a decrease in the numbers. In this case, however, Instagram confirmed in February 2019 that it was actually a technical problem. The link between the users and the profiles they followed was lost.

Instagram reported loss of followers

Do the real followers come back after a while?

The good news: yes! Instagram was aware that the Instagram followers were disappearing and announced that the problem would be resolved as soon as possible. After a while, users actually got their followers back.

In the current case, too, some of our customers reported a sudden loss of followers. After a few days or even hours, the followers usually come back. So, once you notice a drop in your real followers, you shouldn't worry too much. As long as the problem is not based on Instagram deleting your purchased profiles, you will soon find your way back to your old strength. Real Instagram followers only disappear for a short time.

Do the followers come back after a while?

You always have the opportunity to fill your gaps with followers from our offer. Followers that you buy from us will be refilled for 30 days if you lose followers (refill guarantee). You can find more information about this on our website Buy Instagram followers.