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With us, you can do really good Buy Instagram Likes. We are always looking for the best, fastest services in the market that generate reach and are available. We make sure that as a result you get the desired number of Instagram likes without effort and without effort on your posts. Thus, you can increase your reach and reach potentially millions or even billions of more Instagram users with good hashtags for the algorithm and increase the number of your subscribers. Our Instagram likes save you a lot of effort and due to the high quality they are discreet, genuinely credible and influence your reach positively through the Instagram algorithm.

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With our high-quality services for generating more reach on the Instagram platform, you can shorten the path to success. With the followersheaven services you build more Instagram followers, more Instagram story views and Instagram video and IGTV views / video views, which you get at low prices. This generates even more commitment to your brand, trust and success in the Instagram business. Set your standards high and reach millions of people, i.e. users, with your contributions. Make yourself a brand yourself with the Instagram platform and actively boost your marketing instead of placing simple advertisements, deliver added value and use the Instagram likes as a kick-start for your Insta marketing.

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Almost 20,000 satisfied, international customers cannot be wrong! Whether you want to buy only a few or tens of thousands of Instagram likes, you will find them. Instagram likes help you expand your reach, that is, reach more people with your postings and thus implement your Instagram strategy, because they not only increase your Instagram commitment, but also the external representation/reputation of your Instagram feed. How engagement as an indicator of your interaction rate affects your number of fans and how a good post with hashtags goes viral is explained in our blog. You will be convinced of the results, because we deliver reliably and quickly.

Fast delivery

Orders are placed 24/7 fully automatically processed and shipped. Often it only takes a few minutes until the delivery of your Instagram Likes starts. If it takes longer, our support will be happy to help.

Quality level

We convey  both fast Instagram likes and Instagram HQ likes and Instagram highend likes. The services differ in delivery speed and quality of Like Profiles. Please pay attention to the product descriptions.

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Our instagram instagram Likes: from just € 1.79 you get our smallest package of Instagram Likes delivered. We buy cheaply so that we can deliver fair and market-oriented to you.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about buying Instagram Likes and Likes

Are the High End Likes from real profiles?

Yeah. Our High End Likes are from real users with excellent profiles with real content. These include realistic profile images and postings. Real followers and they follow real users. Our High End Likes are country-specific and can be selected according to your target group. They stay with you and evaluate your profile. Especially for companies, High End Likes and Follower are the best choice and a great boost for your profile. Our High End Likes are no different from the millions of other profiles and you can push your mail up without much effort.

Why do I need a strategy to grow on Instagram?

It's like so many things. Without knowing where the target is, one proceeds. So is the development of the Instagram profile and the relevance of your contributions. If you do not define your content clearly, your friends and other users do not know what they expect. So they cannot choose for you and do not follow you. People who are already following you may be annoyed if you initially focused on landscape photos and suddenly your posts only contain fitness tips. Think about your subject and come up with a strategy. So you can start a "story" at the beginning and keep your followers interested. With the right strategy you get more Instagram Likes and more Instagram Likes means more attention. More attention is paid to new followers and thus to growth. This may sound like a lot of effort, but it sure is a lot of fun to survive what might interest your friends and what you're interested in. After all, this is one of the reasons why you joined Instagram:-)

What are Instagram Likes?

Instagram Likes are the little hearts that any Instagram user can give to your contribution. You see how many people liked your contribution through "liken" on the number of licks. If you want to buy Instagram Likes, then as many users will like your contribution. Instagram Likes are not only important for the popularity of your posting, they help you with the skilful allocation of hashtags and the immediate purchase of quick Instagram Likes after the post to more subscribers. If you have already built up a large followership, you already have a large share of so-called organic Instagram Likes. If you use purchased Likes skilfully, you can expect an extension of your follower numbers.

What is the function of Instagram Likes?

the Instagram Likeswhich are awarded by other users and users are practically the quality indicator- the social feedback- to your image. If you receive many Likes, your contribution has reached a large number of people in your target group who like your contribution. The Likes in your image contribution ensures, among other things, that this contribution to other users or users. Visitors to your target group seem more convincing and they also encourage your contribution by clicking on the Like symbol to give recognition. If you manage to get one day by publishing a picture of thousands of organic licks, then you are a powerful user with many thousands of fans- one might suspect you have achieved your goal and are an influence. At the very beginning of your career as an influenza sufferer, it is difficult to obtain lickes. If you buy a few licks for it, in addition to the effect of increasing the range and positive engagement, it is also the cosmetics that make your Instagram profile prettier- practically a double feature in marketing your Instagram profile. This boost can bring you a little closer to your goal at the beginning.

How do I get Instagram Likes?

There are several ways to obtain Instagram Likes: on the one hand through organic growth, i.e. you increase the number of your subscribers by constantly posting new pictures and using very good hashtags. Secondly, you buy Instagram Likes in our online shop. Success in the variant of organic growth through the recognition of other Instagram users requires a lot of stamina. The competition within your target group has often become very great with Instagram due to the multitude of users. Our tip is that you constantly increase the Like Number to publish an image. Of course, the image must have very good hashtags. You increase the Like Number by purchasing the corresponding amount of Likes in our shop immediately after the publication of your posting. Make sure the quantity matches your current number of subscribers.

Can I buy Instagram Likes?

Without going the special route of social media shops: no. The purchase of likes in social media shops is rather a mediation and this takes place via suppliers who only have real users connected to your system - so-called fake accounts are excluded. The process of arranging Instagram likes is fully automated at followersheaven and is implemented via a complex network of IT systems. We only offer likes from real users. Both our normal Likes and the HQ Likes, which are delivered much faster, come from real user profiles. So buying Instagram Likes is not rocket science.

Is my content important for my reach and thus for the number of Instagram likes?

Social media generally works on the basis of social feedback, so the more interaction there is on your profile through a posting, the more often your contribution will be played elsewhere by the platform. You can check this very well on your mobile phone in the Instagram app using the Instagram Insights function. With the help of Instagram Insights you can measure the activity of your audience, how often a photo or video was clicked and liked or viewed. The measurement in Instagram Insights starts from the time your post is published. Also keep in mind that in addition to a very good photo, the right caption and hashtags are certainly necessary in order to develop your reach. Also keep in mind that your photo may have to be touched up with very good image processing - especially if you want to earn money with your postings, professional processing is an important option. You will also find important tips on this in our blog. In the end, your audience will decide whether they will continue to follow you or not.

What are Instagram autolikes?

Autolikes are very suitable if you can plan in advance how many posts you want to add Instagram likes to the Instagram platform. Of course, you get the same benefits with Instagram Autolikes as if you bought regular Instagram Likes. The trick is that you can choose how many posts will be given likes, how many Instagram likes per post and whether there should be a time delay between posting your Instagram post and receiving Instagram likes. You can easily order Autolikes by entering the name of your Instagram account when ordering - e.g. "KimKardashian" or "Schwarzer.Peter". Your Instagram account will then be monitored for the ordered number of postings and every time you publish a new picture with your Instagram account, the autolikes will be sent automatically. The option to use autolikes is definitely to be considered if you post a lot of photos and it is important that they always come reliably.

What is needed for the order?

In order to run your order quickly and smoothly, you only need to consider two things:

1. That you provide the correct link to the desired picture in the form in the field above. (To get the link, click on Instagram above the post on the top right on the three dots and then on Copy link. The URL is now copied to the so-called clipboard) and paste the link from the clipboard into the input field in the order form in our shop .
2. That Your Profile public is visible as we cannot convey Likes to a private account.

And that's it. Unlike other rogue providers, we will never ask you for your Instagram password! Please always make sure that your details are correct when ordering, as the order will be automatically forwarded to our suppliers/providers.

Are Instagram Likes and Instagram Followers the same?

No, because Instagram followers are people who are registered on Instagram and "follow" other people and their posts according to their interests or social contacts. This means that your follower will see the posts you post in their feed (this is the list of images that is displayed when you start the app). You could also say that your followers are your viewers or "fans". If your follower now likes a picture, he or she clicks the little heart on the left below the picture, which originally looks hollowed out, the little heart is filled in red and the follower has given you an Instagram Like. If you've uploaded a very good post, if you do it right, you can generate several thousand likes and increase your number of followers at the same time.

Does my Instagram profile need to be public before I buy likes?

Necessarily! You cannot upload likes to a private profile / Instagram picture or video. Please publish your profile before placing your order and enter the exact URL of your post when ordering if you want to buy Instagram Likes. You can copy the URL of your post to the clipboard in the Instagram app.

Why should I buy likes from you?

Those who want to buy Instagram likes often encounter black sheep that convey cheap likes of fake accounts. Special attention should be paid here, since most providers do not have a German customer service or an imprint with contact details - and thus can do and leave what they want from abroad with the customers. Therefore, trust us as a German-based social media marketing agency. Seriousness is important to us. During our opening hours from 9 to 18 o'clock on weekdays, our customer service will be actively and easily available for your company.

Where do your Instagram Likes come from?

The quality of Instagram likes is probably one of the most important aspects of buying. Our likes come from accounts mainly of international origin from different countries. Through this relationship between our countries of origin and profiles, we ensure that your likes look as natural as possible and fit perfectly into the international environment of Instagram. Our active and authentic profiles of the HQ Instagram Likes usually have a profile picture, profile description, have their own followers, interact by posting their own contributions, publish live stories and more - and cannot be revealed as bought! So the profiles are real people. Since we don't sell Instagram likes from bots, i.e. fake accounts, you don't notice it. For some time now we have also been offering, based on the countriesGerman Instagram Likes, Turkish Instagram likes or Brazil Instagram Likes on, these may have a higher relevance for your target group.

Why is buying Instagram Likes helpful for your reach?

The idea is simple and obvious to buy Instagram fans so that you can quickly show a large reach of your audience. But since Instagram followers are actually not natural and do not persist permanently, they are suitable as filling or embellishment of the profile. If you want to increase your number of Instagram fans in the long term, you have to be able to attract attention. With the help of the Instagram algorithm (the algorithm, or rather a multitude of them, are the mathematical formulas that determine success or failure on Instagram) and the possibility Buy Instagram Likes to be able to, you can achieve that. You should Use meaningful Instagram hashtagsthat have a high number of hits as well as fit well and honestly to your topic and immediately send many Instagram Likes to your post after posting - at least 1,000 and within a maximum of half an hour. Then your posting will be shown in the hashtag feed to the hashtag followers and you will get attention and thus more fans. Just give it a try, because the approach actually works and is used by almost all influencers.

What information do I need to provide to buy Instagram likes?

There are providers where you need to specify the username and password to buy Instagram Likes. We don't have to do that. With apps, caution is required as they can secretly transfer confidential access data to your Instagram account. If you are interested in purchasing from us, you only need to specify the URL to your posting to order Instagram Likes. This one looks like this: Ps91Q/.

How do I get the Instagram URL from my posting?

Each of your pictures, posts, reels, stories etc. has a unique internet address on Instagram, called the so-called URL or "link." You can get this important indication by tapping the image in the Instagram app and then tapping the antippst three points standing on top of each other. There you get the selection "Link copy" Select this and the URL is now in some kind of memory, the clipboard. To order, you will now type "Instagram Likes" or "Instagram HQ Likes" in our shop and select the desired quantity, type with your finger on the input field for the input field "Link" and hold your finger there for a moment. You get the opportunity"Paste from Clipboard". Select this and the URL/link is transferred to the input field. You can now tap "Put in the shopping cart" and then order directly from the shopping cart.

Can buying Instagram Likes be harmful to my Instagram account?

Purchased Instagram likes are neither prohibited nor harmful to your Instagram account. Instagram points out in its community guidelines that one should not "do it" - but one thing to consider. Instagram lives on the influencers, who have an enormous reach and increase the user base of Instagram - so that influencers can quickly succeed, use these again bought Instagram likes and gain this advantage. The follower and like suppliers deliver these as carefully and organically as possible to your posting so that it is no longer noticeable that they are purchased. On the contrary - where many likes are, many go. It is important that your posting is very good, your hashtags are well considered and you invest in a few likes. Use larger Like packages from 2,000 likes to achieve success in magnifying your audience - in principle, it's like a paid ad on a search engine. There a small investment you improve your ranking.

Isn't it noticeable when I buy Instagram Likes?

You should be sensible about the Instagram likes you can buy. It makes little sense to buy 10,000 Instagram likes on a single post, if the rest of your Instagram postings have only 10 likes - that should be obvious to everyone. However, it makes sense that you add about 100 likes from a certain date to your natural like-base, of course, do not forget good tagging. Step by step, you should now increase the Instagram likes you buy per posted posting. It has to look natural and since success is a staircase and not a door, it also goes up step by step to get more of your own fans interacting.

Will I keep my purchased Instagram Likes?

In contrast to the purchased Instagram followers, the Instagram likes do not unfollow the post. This means that if you have bought Instagram likes once, then they are permanently on your post, provided the likes come from real profiles. If the likes were generated on the basis of bot profiles, they will be deleted as soon as the Instagram profile that triggered the like is deleted. However, this also means that as an agent of the service "Instagram Likes"Can no longer delete them. From our point of view, the approach of using real profiles is optimal, because you only get added value with real likes.

What does engagement mean in connection with bought Instagram Likes?

Engagement is defined as the user feedback on a specific action, such as the publication of an Instagram photo in your Feed. If you don't get Likes on your Postings, so no feedback from subscribers, your Engagement Rate is also low. The more Likes you get relative to your subscribers, the higher your engagement of your image. Why this is so important we explain in our Blog Articles for this. However, it is said so much if you buy a good and suitable amount of Instagram Likes within about an hour, that increases the potential to get into the Hashtag Feeds and thus collect more organic fans. If it's going really well, you can even get it on Instagram's Explore Page. With tools like the Engagement Rate Calculator You can measure the height of your commitment once. Professional tools such as the system of HypeAuditor help influencers regularly monitor their own feed in order to be able to permanently monitor their own reach. Just once for free HypeAuditor test.

What is the difference: HQ Likes and normal Likes?

the Instagram HQ Likes are of better quality and are delivered faster. This means the profiles with which your post is lauded have a profile picture, posts and own followers. The profiles are virtually indistinguishable from organically grown profiles. Instagram users who place great value on authentic-looking likes are well advised to use them at their image/posting. From our experience, the HQ Instagram likes are very suitable for companies. Important for your own strategy is: compared to the automated delivered, normal likes, the HQ Instagram likes are not delivered so quickly. However, this is useful in the case that you do not have so many subscribers, because then the like growth seems more serious. For more information about the current delivery speed, see the description of the Instagram likes.

What are Instagram High Quality (HQ) Likes?

Instagram HQ (High Quality) Likes are the highest quality likes currently available on the market. We have introduced the HQ/High Quality Likes so that customers who value good like profiles can get them. The HQ likes are not delivered quite as quickly as the regular likes and are a little more expensive. Because of their credibility, these look more authentic and fit better into the profile of Instagram profiles with few fans, because they seem more convincing and credible. Due to the high quality of the profiles, the interaction with your Instagram image has a more serious effect.

How can I pay for Instagram Likes?

Therefore, we offer electronic payment methods credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Giropay and immediate transfer of Klarna as a safe payment method. For instant transfer, you need, for example, only a checking account and can pay directly in the order process on the payment page of Klarna/instant bank transfer. PayPal is one of the most popular and safest payment methods worldwide. You can still pay with various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The order goes into the order system of the supplier and is automatically processed/delivered. This advantage is very important for you, because the delivery of the ordered services starts very often immediately after the order.

How does my order work with you?

At everything is completely automated. If other providers often have to check incoming payments, we only use secure and fast payment methods such as Giropay or direct transfer. This means that you can use your own bank account or your credit or debit card. When your order is completed with your Instagram Likes, it will be automated and transferred directly to the supplier system. The current times for delivery can be found on our support page. Sometimes the delivery of your Instagram Likes starts after a few minutes.

Does buying Instagram Likes also work without a password?

Definitively. When ordering, we only need the URL of your Instagram posting, which you want to buy or "charge" with Instagram likes. You can buy Instagram likes from easily and quickly. Ordering your Instagram likes will then be automated and delivered to you as soon as possible. The purchased Instagram likes remain on your account.

Why should I buy Instagram Likes at all?

The answer is simple. Instagram Likes are the currency of the Instagram range, a Like is an interaction of another Instagram user and each Like increases the popularity of your contribution and thus your Instagram account. Buying Likes increases the total number of your subscribers indirectly. If you send your mail with strong hashtags and order a large amount of Likes to your post immediately after your post is published, you increase the relevance of your post. With more relevance of an image, Instagram increases the chance to be shown in the hashtag feeds or on the Explore Page. Now, if a potential real follower comes across your image and profile via the hashtag feed, you are very likely to gain a new follower by interacting with others. In our blog you will find several articles on how to increase your range with purchased Likes and good hashtags.

Does your offer belong to Instagram?

No, we don't belong to Instagram. Followersheaven is a marketing agency that provides Instagram likes and other social media services. We do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our service. All brands, trade names and logos shown are the property of the respective social network.

Can I distribute the Likes to multiple images?

Unfortunately, a single Like package cannot be distributed across multiple Instagram images. If you want to buy and distribute Instagram likes for several pictures, enter the desired link to the first picture at the top and then click on "Put in the shopping cart". Then insert the link to the second image and add it to the shopping cart, etc. Our solution is that you can also buy small packages of Instagram likes and distribute them optimally to different posts. Just take the test with a small amount.

Does my order remain secret?

In any case, we are very concerned about confidentiality and the privacy of our customers. We use your data exclusively for order processing, payment processing and if you wish to send you special offers from us. Your data will remain in your possession under the protection of This way you can be sure that everything goes to 100% discreetly anonymous. We take care of many large and well-known customers who Private as well as business use, where secrecy and discretion have the highest priority in their activities.

Is the payment unique?

Yes, of course! The selected Instagram Likes package is only paid for once by you and then delivered. If you want to buy more Instagram Likes, you can simply place a new order -here you don't have to worry about it, because seriousness is an essential part of our business.

How much do you earn on Instagram per followers, post, comment and Like?

Instagram influencers are often remunerated according to their reach, i.e. they can record their followers and thus, on the basis of their commitment-i.e. the reaction rate per user, measure whether the influencer actually has influence or not. Accordingly, agencies or companies are remunerated to the influencers. The reaction rate of an Instagram user can be Online tools such as Phlanx examine. If you get sponsors for your postings, you can negotiate with prospects for an amount you receive per posting. This will definitely be less in the beginning and increases with your reach and activity on the Instagram platform.

How do you know that the likes have arrived?

Followersheaven is a fully automated online shop for social media services. We receive your order and deliver the services fully automatically after the payment has been made. In addition, we constantly measure the current number of Instagram likes we have delivered during delivery. After the Insta likes have been delivered to you in their total number, our shop will receive an electronic message and we will send you a final message by e-mail that the likes have arrived. Thus, we guarantee that the right quantity has always been delivered - automation takes control away from us. If a service fails due to a malfunction, it is not a bad will. Just write an e-mail to our support - we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do your Instagram likes disappear or do they stay?

Our Instagram Likes In contrast to bot profile likes, they come from real profiles, i.e. they do not disappear. These profiles are Private individuals, who provide your profile across the globe to share likes with your posts and images. With the so-called HQ or high-end likes of Followersheaven you don't have to hide, because they come from really good profiles. Should it actually happen that likes do not last or are demonstrably disappearAfter you have posted, please let us know by email to our support.

How is it possible to build your own brand via your mobile phone and Instagram?

With a lot of patience, diligence and above all good content. the Loyalty You really need to work out your real follower base. With the help of our Instagram likes you can buy additional attention. Delivers visually high-quality images and motivates your fans to keep their loyalty. Then you can reach an extremely large number of followers and Instagram fans with your content. Orient yourself thematically and content-oriented to your role models and let them motivate you to create even better content - you don't want to have to hide behind them with your contents.

Does my Instagram profile need to be public before I buy likes?

Yes, absolutely. You can only get Instagram likes, followers, story views and Instagram comments if your profile is public. Otherwise, only the users can like you who are already following you. Of course, we have no influence on this. Please post your profile publicly before ordering Instagram likes.

How long does it normally take to get to the Instagram Likes?

We know how important timing and therefore fast delivery is for our customers. That's why we start delivery as soon as your order has been received: with the regular likes, this usually takes a few minutes - with normal likes, the duration varies from 10 minutes to several hours until the delivery starts. In extreme cases, delivery can take several hours. More information about the current delivery times can be found on our support page. Before ordering a large quantity, we recommend a test with a small amount of likes of a service. Tip: HQ likes are always faster than regular likes.

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