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You certainly noticed it in your feed: Instagram has grown and now offers its users a new function: the Instagram Reels.
If you want to publish your new clips "Instagram Reels" quickly on the Instagram platform and want to show it to a possible million people and fans with high reach, we help you quickly get Reels Views and Reel Likes as a sign of social commitment and reach. Buy easily, safely, discreetly and quickly with your camera and Instagram Reel URL.

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You want even more interactions, engagement and success on Instagram? Then have a look at our other Instagram of service, because beside the new service of the Instagram of short video "Reels" we have many high-quality services on offer for you:

Instagram Reel Views and Likes for your Reels

Over 8,000 satisfied customers cannot be wrong because they are satisfied with our service - over 70% of our customers always buy from us! Whether you want to buy just a few or tens of thousands of Instagram reel views for your recording, you'll find it.

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Our system explains the orders 24/7 automatically and sends this to our service providers. As a rule it lasts only few minutes to you the Instagram Reel Views or Instagram Reel Likes has received

Good quality

We mediate Instagram Reel Views of profiles of middle quality. For the rise of your reach it plays anyway only one small role as good the quality of the Instagram Reel Views is - nevertheless, they should be fast with you.

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We help you with questions during our opening times in working days of Monday till Friday. You find contact possibilities on ours Support side.

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Our enterprise seat is Germany. This makes the communication into German and English with us very easy. We stand for data security and transaction security of our customers.

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You need a businessly correct calculation for your order? No problem - this is sent as a download link automatically to you, after you have ordered.

FAQ: Instagram Reel Views and Instagram Reel Likes, so that your short videos are successful

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram has also realized in the meantime - based on the model TikTok - that short videos that are underpinned with music and cool sayings are quite successful among fans. Influencers, stars and celebrities now regularly use TikTok to increase their reach and provide their audience with entertaining spots and have now also discovered Instagram reels for themselves. Instagram has probably thought that it is a good idea to clone the TikTok principle, introduce a new function for its users and make it Instagram Reel. The reels are created via the Instagram app. The Stories feature lets you unlock new features from your camera by adding great Instagram reels and adding them to your account. You can record your short video and edit it in the app as it works with TikTok. The feeds of your fans are getting as busier as ever.

How do I produce an Instagram reel?

Instagram reels are easy to record: first of all, you go to "Your Story" via the Instagram app, exactly as if you wanted to add a new clip to your stories. Below is the subpoint: "Reels." Now it can already start. On the left, simply select the music, speed, deceleration or acceleration, your recording, the desired effects, and the duration of your recording. Now let your creativity run wild and create your reels. Show your followers your creative shot.

Which sense do Instagram Reel Views make for me?

Instagram reels are part of your Instagram profile. Interaction - whether organic or via followersheaven, is always good to get more attention on Instagram. It can be imagined that the additional reel views, like a kind of fire accelerator, trigger the fire of your reel posting. When a lot of interaction is flipped to your short video, more interaction flashes in... figuratively speaking, of course. Bring your first Instagram reel forward and show that you can do both: Instagram and Tik Tok.

How do I receive Instagram Reel Views or Instagram Reel Likes?

There are two ways to get the reel views and make even better use of your phone's video feature for short videos - not just TikTok. The number increases by more users viewing your reel clip. As your follower count increases, the amount of your reel views and reel likes increases automatically. If the content is provided with strong hashtags, the Instagram algorithm allows for more reel views by playing better in the hashtags and on the Explore page. The active application of new followers is very time-consuming. The positioning of your profile must be very specific to possible new followers. The competition within your target audience is very big due to the high number of Instagram users. This makes the range optimization even more difficult for you. So creativity is required when recording and editing your reel clips/short videos.
To get to your destination faster, you can buy Instagram Reel Views and Instagram Reel Likes in our shop. You and your clips will become known faster and you can increase your reach on the Instagram platform so that you can also use your profile for collaborations and commercial postings in a timely manner. Our tip is to buy a slightly higher number of reel views for each Instagram reel than before. So the process is dynamic. Be sure to adjust your Instagram reel views to your follower count.

Can you buy Instagram Reel Views and Instagram Reel Likes?

The Instagram Reel Views and Instagram Reel Likes cannot be bought directly. Social media shops are a kind of intermediary between influencers and providers. Bot- and real users are used. The process of mediating Instagram Reel Views is automated and works via a special IT system. The Instagram Reel Likes are also automatically conveyed - here come the Instagram Reel Likes interactions of profiles of real Instagram users.

What is required for the order by Instagram Reel Views and Likes?

In order for your reel order to run smoothly, you need to pay attention to two things:

1. On the one hand is important that you give the correct link (URL) of your Instagram Reel in the input field in the order process. (To receive the link, you click in your Reel below concentric on "link copy".)
2. On the other hand profile must be public your Instagram and be visible for everybody. We can provide no Instagram Reel Views or Instagram Reel Likes to private profiles.

It's so easy to move your clip forward! Unlike unsuspecting providers, we will never ask you for your password.

Should my Instagram profile be accessible publicly, before I buy the Reel Views or Reel Likes?

No. It is important that your profile is absolutely public at the time of the purchase. To benefit please to the exact links of the Reel to buy the Views or Likes with us. You can copy the URL of your Reel into the Instagram application in the clipboard and in the order process about "from the clipboard insert" in the input field copy.

Why should I shop with followersheaven Instagram Reel Views?

We are one a serious Social media Agency which is resident in Germany. Many unserious suppliers show neither a German customer service, nor a German imprint. This means that they must not keep to German right and can act and leave what they want. If it have not functioned once or have transmitted to her to us a wrong URL, you can reach us during the service times simply by e-mail.

Can the purchase of Instagram Reel Views be injuriously for my account?

The buying of Reel Views is neither forbidden nor injuriously for your Instagram account. Instagram points out directives to the fact in his community that one should not make it - well this decision remains to itself leave. Greasepaint is not basic also well for the skin :-). Nevertheless, your Instagram profile lives on interactions of other profiles - to the clicks, Views and enlargement of own reach on the platform. The interaction between Influencer and followers plays an important role. We pay attention to the fact that the Views and Likes look organic and authentic. Your job is to provide good contents. To benefit, besides, the strong hashtags of which other users draw the attention to your side.

Does it not come out if I shop Instagram Reel Views?

We pay great attention to discretion. The Instagram Reel Views we offer come from all over the world. Our reel views are made from real Instagram profiles. This creates an international mix of your purchased reel views. You should note that your purchased reel views match your follower count. Finally, your profile should continue to be authentic and genuine.

Can I pay your Reel Views and Reel Likes by credit card?

Payment by credit card in our shop is also possible. Just select the desired payment method and let's go. We offer you the possibility to pay with VISA or MasterCard. Safe and discreet.

Can I pay Instagram Reel Views with immediate transfer?

Yes beside Giropay we also offer the possibility of the immediate transfer about Klarna. For this you need a giro account. The order is automatically informed of the supplier.

Does the order of my Instagram Reel remain services confidential?

Definitely! Discretion, authenticity and speed are really very important to us. We only use your data for ordering and payment. If you want, we will send you special offers - but you can unsubscribe both newsletter and push messages at any time. Your data remains in your possession under the protection of We serve many large customers and influencers who appreciate our discreet service.

How long does it last, until the bought Views or Likes come in my Instagram Reel?

An immediate delivery of the Instagram Reel of service, so Instagram Reel Views and Instagram Reel Likes, is very important to us. The delivery of the Instagram Reel services lasts as a rule between 10 and 60 minutes. In special cases the delivery can take up at most a few hours. You find more information on our support side. Should it last once longer than 24H, announces to You please to our support - we look after every case.

Why shop with Followersheaven?

Those who want to buy Instagram Reel Views and Reel Likes, TikTok Likes, Tik Tok Views, Tik Tok Followers or Instagram Followers often encounter black sheep in the industry. Here one should be particularly careful, since most providers have neither a German support nor an imprint in Germany with real contact details - and thus can do and leave what they want from abroad with the customers in Germany. Therefore, trust a social media marketing agency based in Germany with Followersheaven. During our opening hours, our customer service will be available to you from 9 to 18 o'clock on weekdays.