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Our TikTok Followers help you to build your profile, because in order for your profile to be in swing, it is always good to have a few fans-just at the beginning. For followers, you will receive TikTok Followers or TikTok subscribers delivered at fair prices and quickly from us. We attach great importance to providing our TikTok Follower discreetly and seriously, security and trustworthiness. Especially for our influencers customers this is particularly important, because their clips are considered by many-potentially millions-fans. For this reason, our online shop has been awarded the McAfee seal of quality Trusted Checkout.

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You want to interact with TikTok Follwer even more? Commitment and success for your profile on TikTok? Our tikTok services are used to enhance your profile and to reach more reach through the TikTok algorithm. Simply try it out-all services are reliably delivered 24/7. Remember to use good hashtags, because this is a part of your challenge to get a good reach with your clips. You can find further tips in the FAQ on the topic TikTok Follower at the end of the page.

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More than 8,000 satisfied customers can't be wrong! No matter if you want to buy a few or many TtikTok followers with us, you will find it with us, because influencers worldwide trust our services.

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The orders are executed immediately: usually it takes only a few minutes until you get the TikTok Follower. Please note the delivery times in the product description.

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We convey real un-authentic accounts that interact with your postings: many comments come from real profiles with photos, posts, live stories provide for interaction as social feedback

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You have questions about our services? No problem-Mondays to Fridays on working days we are available for you. Take a look at the contact options of our Support side Contact us.

100% safe and discreet

Our corporate headquarters are in Germany and not in a suspect Hong Kong company. Accordingly, we assume responsibility, are serious and can be reached for our customers.

Invoice with VAT

Especially important for companies. We automatically deliver an invoice PDF to each order, which is linked in the order email and can be downloaded at any time.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about the subject of TikTok Followers at follower-header


Who Wants To Buy TikTok Views, Likes or Followers, who often encounters black sheep in the industry. Here you should be particularly careful, since most providers do not have a German support or an imprint with contact data-and can therefore do what they want from abroad with the customers in Germany. Therefore, trust with followers on a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be available for you during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Why should I buy TikTok fans?

Similar to TikTok hearts and TikTok Views, a high followers count for attention. Other users are more interested in profiles of which other TikTok fans follow. The majority must be right:-)
With a combination of TikTok followers, TikTok hearts and TikTok Views, you increase your reach, more users see your short videos and liken them. Before you see you will climb up your followers.

How fast will my Tik Tok Follower be delivered?

The delivery will be done automatically. This means for you that you can order 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. As soon as the order has been received by us, the processing starts. The duration of delivery varies according to product. At Tik Tok fans it usually takes 1 to 8 hours until the delivery starts. As a user, you only have to sit back and wait for your new followers, and in the time on other platforms, you can also use your possibilities to win more fans for TikTok. Our tip: on Instagram you can refer to your profile at TikTok. Maybe the one or the other followers there haven't pushed on you;-)

When should I buy TikTok fans?

As with most social media platforms (such as Instagram), it's all about being fast. As you can see in the product descriptions, it takes a few hours for your followers to arrive. This also promotes your credibility. Your network also needs up to 24 hours to respond to your clip. Your clip is online? Then right now. Your future users will not only look at how many fans you already have, how many of your short video have already seen and how many hearts you have already received for it, but also how many hours you have put the video online. The younger your clip, the more exciting it is. There are millions of short videos on Tik Tok and yours should stand out as much as possible so that millions of people can also see your clip. And don't forget to point out your new video on the other platforms. Use your network. Every fan and view is important to expand your reach.

Is it reasonable to buy many TikTok followers quickly?

Fast growth always looks a bit unnatural, especially at the beginning of your activity. The number of TikTok likes and TikTok views must be related to the number of fans, so you should be aware if you post a post to give appropriate momentum through other TikTok services to your profile, otherwise the effect of organic growth may not occur. You could be the next star in the sky of TikTok.

What do I have to consider if I want to buy followers at followersheaven TikTok?

Above all, it is important that your account is public. We cannot extradite TikTok Follwer from private accounts. It is also important that you transfer the correct URL. The professional URL of a TikTok account looks .B like this: https://www.tiktok.com/@followersheaven. By ordering your TikTok followers, you confirm that you are ordering the followers for your account and in your own name. After you have ordered the TikTok followers from us and receive them from you, other people, i.e. users, can also see your user numbers on your profile.