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For followers, you can Buy Youtube Shares or Youtube Shares for your video contributions at a fair price and delivered immediately and at unbeatable prices. For influencers, companies and also private individuals. Our followerheader online shop ordering process has been certified by McAfee with the trustmark Trusted Checkout, because we place a particularly high value on security and trustworthiness.

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FAQ: frequently asked questions about the topic Youtube Shares

What are YouTube Shares?

Your goal is that your YouTube videos will receive a lot of likes and your channel will be subscribed to by many people. In order for this to be possible, first and foremost interested people have to access your channel and/or videos.

Now you can advertise yourself for your videos like film trailers-or just let others make advertising for you. How is this possible? With YouTube Shares. If a viewer is enthusiastic about your video content, he can share the video on his social media channels-for example on Facebook or Tumblr. Any person who follows or is friends with the video who has shared the video can now see it-your reach will therefore be greatly increased and the chance to receive more likes and subscriptions will be available.

What benefit do YouTube Shares have?

The greatest benefit you have from YouTube Shares is the increase of your reach and positioning. Thanks to the Shares, more and more people are being alerted to your videos. Some of these people click on the video from self-interest-your click numbers increase. If you like your content, you will receive a Like of the viewer-and maybe even a subscription.

How to create more Shares for YouTube videos?

The A and O for more likes, subscribers and Shares at YouTube, is good content. Professional videos on interesting topics are always happy to be viewed and shared with friends and acquaintals.

In order to ensure that your videos are found by more and more people who share it with their friends, you should not only make good videos, but also pay attention to the optimization of the meta-data of your videos.

Can we help with the production of Shares?

Another way to create more Shares for your YouTube videos is to buy them-so you can actively help. However, it is not a question of giving any people money to share your videos on Facebook and Co. For the purchase of Shares you will ideally turn to a Socialmedia-Shop, as FollowersHeaven is one. Here you pay a certain amount, which the Socialmedia-Shop then invests, by presenting a large group of people (active in social networks) to your videos. You will have the opportunity to share your videos and thus increase your reach. In doing so, of course, very great value is placed on discretion.

Why should you buy YouTube Shares at all?

With the Shares you achieve a significantly greater range and better positioning-more people come into contact with your content, look at your videos and ideally reward yourself with likes and subscriptions.

The shares can also be achieved in a natural way-however, you have to exercise your patience. Finally, a YouTube channel doesn't grow overnight.

If you decide to buy YouTube Shares, you can achieve enormous success within a few days and weeks. Your videos are shared more frequently and more and more people come into contact with your content in a very short time.

How does the order work with followers ' headers?

Ordering at FollowersHeaven is very easy. First, you choose which Shares you want to buy:

-Facebook Referer
-Tumblr Referer

Then you select the desired quantity of Shares and enter the link to your video (must be visible to the public) as well as from film trailers in the box provided for this-now from now on in the shopping cart. You can repeat this process as often as you like. With your payment at the end of the order process, you will receive the Shares for all the videos you have placed in your orders.

What are YouTube Shares International?

This product hides international shares for your YouTube video-so your content will be shared by people all over the world. You can choose whether you want to receive 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 shares for a video, and you can rely on the discretion of FollowersHeaven as always-and that for an unbeatable price.

What are YouTube Shares (Facebook Referer)?

With this product you will also receive international shares from all over the world. However, your videos will only be available in the context of this package Facebook shared. So the increase in your reach is focused on this social media channel. You can choose between 100 and 5.000 Shares for your video here.

What are YouTube Shares (Tumblr Referer)?

You want your video to win on Tumblr's reach? Then the Shares (Tumblr Referer) might be the optimal solution for you. Decide for yourself whether you want to receive 100 or more than 5,000 international shares and look forward to our instant delivery, which lasts between 0 and 24 hours.

How often do you have to pay for the YouTube Shares?

In the case of FollowersHeaven, you pay only when ordering, and this is unique. So there will be no follow-up costs or even a subscription to you. If you want to buy Shares for the same video several times, you pay the one-off price each time.

Why does YouTube Shares buy the range?

How often do you click on videos that share your Facebook friends? And how often do you see videos that are marked as advertising in your Instagram feed?

If you're honest, probably more often than you want to admit. This is exactly where the YouTube Shares are setting up.

If your video is shared by a person, it gets into the feed of its friends or its subscribers-which is, of course, dependent on the social media platform. This way you might reach people who would never have been aware of you without the share. Of course: Not all that you can reach through the Shares will click on your video or leave a Like-some but already and on which it depends if you want to grow and be successful.

How long does it take for the YouTube Shares to be made?

FollowersHeaven works with an algorithm that aims to execute your order as quickly as possible. However, the Shares are made by real people and via real profiles-and on a voluntary basis. The algorithm suggests to users on a special mediation platform your video-only users who actually think that your video is interesting and worthy of interest, will then share it with their friends on their profile.

This is why the immediate delivery of FollowHeaven-which is included in all YouTube Shares products-takes between 0 and 24 hours. Within this period, your order will be mostly executed, and you will already see some positive changes in your click numbers and on the likes of your videos.

Why shop with Followersheaven?

Who Wants To Buy Youtube Shares or Instagram Shares, Views or Followers, who often encounters black sheep on the Internet. Here you should be particularly careful, since most providers do not have a German support or an imprint with contact data-and can therefore do what they want from abroad with the customers in Germany. Therefore, trust with followers on a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be available for you during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

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