Rules of the game

The basis for our business model and therefore the delivery of Socialmedia services (service) are the following legal texts:

These rules were provided by a lawyer and put formally juridically the basis for the performance of our achievements and the linked with it, from the customer with the order to be accepted, rules.

Our code of conduct

We work professionally, sincerely, reliably and as quickly as possible. We work after the Quid per Quo principle, i.e. there we explain services, we depend on the principle giving and taking, like our customers also, because the procurement and reliable 24/7 deliveries of our services is a complicated technical process. We expect from our customers fairness, politeness and respect - we give this also to every customer who meets us so - promised!

Dishonest / deceitful behaviour

Nevertheless, in spite of many contractual regulations of our order process we make the statement over and over again that some, few buyers want to use our service dishonestly or fraudulently. We exclude the people who behave towards fraudulently or deceiving with immediate effect from our service and give house ban on lifetime. The people are led in a so-called exclusion list / locking list by us. The attempt this technically to handle, it is avenged with charge.

We inform on this side Offence & deception attempts, for the immediate exclusion of our service & more in perpetuity technical blockage lead:

  • PayPal: PayPal allows about the opening of a so-called "case / disputes", the enforced restitution of the paid amount occurred independently whether delivery or not. This is a returning mesh of swindlers. To have informed the opening of a PayPal case without us before by support inquiry, leads to the immediate exclusion. To open PayPal cases, in spite of preservation of a delivery is a bad mesh and damages, by the way, also to your PayPal account, because your behaviour is measured and risks her exclusion in PayPal.
  • Fondy: Opening of a load forecastle with our credit card supplier also leads to the immediate blockage. Also becomes the attempt to use a stolen credit card number also with lifelong blockage punished
  • Some people try byimmoderate discomfortmore achievements of us to erschleichen ("Likes have not come", "Your Refill does not function" etc.) for these people to the understanding: our system is full-electronic, we get it if deliveries are incomplete, nevertheless, we also measure precisely if deliveries are delivered completely. Those which try it your deception and lies mesh which has functioned quite incredibly well with other shops to place with us are excluded on lifetime from our services
  • Communication form: one is able with us about all talking. However, please in an adequate tone who swears is chucked out - this is even in every beer bar in such a way.
    Immoderate communication form is:
    • Capital letters: these show shouting. We cannot be shouted
    • Exclamation points: if shouting explains. We cannot be shouted
    • Threats, imperative or insults: is not possible - this does not go at all

In short: are nice to us and we are nice to You :-)